Weightlifting Basics: Start Position


Weightlifting Basics: Start Position


Weightlifting Basics Workshop: Start Position

Learning how to start in a good position has been shown to lead to a successful lift. Like they always say, how you start determines how you finish. With the snatch happening so quickly, being in a good start position sets you up for the other positions and movements along the way.

This is also a good refresher for those who have already done these movements before as you learn to refine your technique working off the floor. 

Suitable and open to all levels! Spots will be strictly capped at 20 participants so dont miss out!

Date: 9th February 2019
Time: 01:00pm - 02:30pm
Location: TG Strength (Factory 7/8, 63-65 Voltri St, Cheltenham)

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