Lester Ho started the Training Geek to share his interest regarding the scientific concepts and mechanisms in training. His interest predominantly revolves around the sport of weightlifting. 

Because of his work in the field of research, he not only picked up the sport and fell in love with it, but it has also been the driving force behind the people he trains as a personal trainer and coach.


Our Mission

The Training Geeks's new mission and philosophy is "Bringing Weightlifting to All". The sport of weightlifting, contrary to belief, is actually accessible to everyone regardless of age, gender or fitness level. Weightlifting movements such as the snatch and the clean and jerk involve mobility, flexibility, strength, power, speed, coordination, good movement patterns and mental strength. These are also the components which everyone needs for the performance of their daily activities. 

“Lester has an amazingly simple way of explaining extremely complicated notions. His teaching background is very apparent when it comes to communicating and correcting technique. I would highly recommend his workshops for any level of lifter. Thanks very much for the session, I’ll certainly keep an eye out for future workshops.”
“In the few months that I have been coached by Lester, I have improved more than over the past year and a half. Lester generates such a great atmosphere at his training facility South East Strength by creating camaraderie amongst members. With his easy-going attitude, he makes training fun and relaxed yet intense and serious when it needs to be.”

Lester's Work Experience


  • Currently the Head Weightlifting Coach for TG Strength assisting in integrating a solid weightlifting program into an individual's strength & conditioning program.
  • Sessional tutor for Resistance Training Principles, specialising in teaching the Olympic Weightlifting movements in the Undergraduate Course.
  • Consultant for the VIS Track Cycling Team to assist in coaching the weightlifting movements.
  • Presenter at technique workshops organised by the Victorian Weightlifting Association (VWA).

Sports Science:

  • Internship at National-level (Singapore) sports organisation in various areas of Physiology, Biomechanics, Strength & Conditioning
  • National (Australia) Rugby League Club doing sports testing and observation of S&C
  • Previously a Physical Preparation Trainee at the Victorian Institute of Sport, assisting the Physical Preparation Coach for the Track Cycling Team.
  • Published several papers on the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research regarding the biomechanics of the snatch.
  • Presented at international and local conferences regarding research on the snatch.