Asked Questions

There are usually many concerns in regards to the weightlifting movements and training in the sport of weightlifting. Here are some of the most common questions and answers circulating the sport of weightlifting which you may have in mind as well.


Focusing on the technique and your form in the early stages of your lifting journey is crucial to helping you perform better but more importantly, reduce the risk of injury.

Strength alone does not mean you will be able to execute the lifts well. With proper progressions and programming, the strength you need to perform the lifts will come alongside your confidence.


The traditional impression of weightlifters being bulky with muscles or even the super heavyweights with huge bellies no longer holds truth in this age.

Weightlifting is a highly explosive sport. The physiological and metabolic demands of the movements are of high intensity activities. Hence, you will realise that completing a weightlifting session is more metabolic than it seems. This means it’s harder to end up bulky even when you move more weight in your lifts.


Yes, there may be a certain body type and shape which facilitates the efficiency of the weightlifting movements. However, understanding the biomechanical demands of each phase of the movement will allow you to overcome these demands using your God-given levers.

The weightlifting movements can be performed safely and effectively by any individual, as long as they use the appropriate levers of their bodies to move and subsequently, they will begin moving more weight on the barbell easily due to better leverage being utilised.


With masters sport being on the rise, weightlifting is one of the sports with a fairly sizeable Masters contingent. More so, the youngest Masters age limit begins at 35 years, so you probably have a good 30-40 years still to stay competitive.

Also, there are actually more opportunities for competing in weightlifting in the Masters divisions than the Senior division. So this means that taking your time to hone in on your lifting will allow you to still be competitive even on the international level.


If your flexibility and mobility is not up to that level, do not fret as there are always modifications to your movements that can be made as flexibility is a big component to weightlifting.

Our team of experts have a very deep understanding of human movement so we will be able to help you achieve the necessary ranges of motion needed for the lifts. Thus, it’s also important for us to assess you initially to ensure that the work done to help you move better or create more flexibility is appropriate. If not, you may actually do more harm doing the wrong exercises thinking that you will be more flexible for lifting.


If you have any other quesitons which are not listed in our FAQ, please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to help you with clarifying some of these questions you may have.


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