The Team


All of our experts are highly qualified in their fields of expertise, which means they’ve been trained to understand the human body in relation to both general and sport-specific movements. On top of that, they understand that no two bodies are alike and will work with you to move well at the right pace.


Lester Ho

Strength & Conditioning

Lester started the Training Geek to share his interest regarding the scientific concepts and mechanisms in training. His interest predominantly revolves around the sport of weightlifting. 

Because of his work in the field of research, he not only picked up the sport and fell in love with it, but it has also been the driving force behind the people he trains as a coach.


Cera Lai

Rehabilitation (Musculoskeletal)

Cera began as a lifter under the TG Banner. While growing her expertise as a physiotherapist under the supervision of Dr Shermain Wong, she has also started learning the biomechanical side of lifting and the art of coaching from Lester

From that, she has now also progressed to being a integral part of TG Strength as Assistant Coach while marrying her physio background to her lifting coaching.


Dr Shermain Wong

Clinical Chiropractic
Active Release Technique™ 
Movement Rehabilitation

Dr Shermain Wong is a seasoned chiropractor with particular expertise in Sports Medicine and a passion for the benefits of in ‘Active Release Technique™ (an advanced Soft Tissue Technique developed by Chiropractors). She has provided chiropractic and movement rehabilitation services at international sporting competitions, and provided rehabilitation and training for professional dancers, professional football players and professional athletes.

With her extensive background working with high-level sporting athletes, Dr Wong is now working in collaboration with TG Strength and their athletes, utilising her in-depth understanding of movement to improve their movement capabilities and eventually sport performance.