To be able to enjoy sporting endeavours over your lifespan is the key driving force for any Masters individual, particularly in weightlifting. Many of those participating in the sport at the moment have picked up the sport at a more mature age.

In weightlifting, the building blocks for coordination, speed and explosiveness are better cultivated in the youth but this doesn’t mean that being a Masters athlete, you are far behind and cannot reach the potential of your body based off your chronological age.


As research have shown, exercise is medicine and to be able to lift as you grow older, it’s a good indicator of your ability to reduce the effects of aging on our bodies.

With a strong focus on movement mechanics and smart programming, we at TG Strength have developed a strong Masters culture and team, knowing that we are only just beginning in our sport performance in Weightlifting and all other sports. If you are looking for another opportunity to compete in a sport you love or another chance at pursuing sporting excellence if you were a former elite athlete, join our Masters program to relive your potential as an athlete and even soar to newer heights with your new-found strength.

The representation of our Masters team have spanned across various levels of competition with successful results achieving various medals on the podium:

  • Worlds Masters Games 2017

  • IWF World Masters Championships

  • Oceania Masters Championships 2017/2018

  • Pacific Rim Masters Championships/World Masters Cup 2017/2018

  • Australian Masters Championships 2017/2018

  • Victorian Masters Championships 2017/2018