I just got news that my grandaunt (well.. that's how i think she's related to me) just passed on Wednesday. I remember her to be smiling always, a loud voice (like my grandma) and constantly engaging with each one of us. She always remembered me as the boy with the big round eyes (which I had when I was alot younger).

A prolific writer as mentioned by ChannelNewsAsia, I was actually quite proud to see her books in Borders when I was working there. Secretly I would tell myself that I am somewhat in a distant way associated with her. Well.. look at her family and the way they have grown to be. Speaks volumes and is enough to show how well she had done.

With this, I regret not being able to send my condolences personally but my thoughts are with my extended family at this time.

Rest in Peace My Grandaunt, for we know you are in a better place.