open to experiences

I am currently doing an observation stint at kinesis physio clinic with help of my physiotherapist, mui lee. small-sized lady with hell of alot of strength. haha. (smu students get a 10% discount, so for those who are injury-prone, you should consider physio rather than to self-diagnose and screw up the injury even further). anyway back to the attachment, today is the first day of the three days i am going to be there. opening myself up to more experiences in my field and not just limiting myself to working in a gym or a lab setting. what they do is similar to the exercise physiologists in australia. but their manual therapy techniques are like very complex and i reckon it takes awhile to get the hang of. but i might intend to take it up so that i can provide more than just strength and conditioning services to others but more of an all-rounded approach to their rehab or strengthening. due to the lack of equipment still, i am forcing myself to skip. firstly it's getting the technique right for single-unders (the equivalent to a skip). movement of the wrists to bring the rope around. bouncing on the ball of ur feet. with me being such a heavy klutz, i normally overdo the movement and end up jumping too much. so i have been focusing on technique. skipping involves mostly lower limb muscle activity with majority of the movement being generated from your calves. Since your calf muscles are primarily slow-twitch (a.k.a. endurance-related) muscles as they are required to help you maintain your posture and give u propulsive force in the gait movement, skipping would actually benefit them and could actually improve your jumping ability if u have to lift a bodyweight as heavy as mine. haha. if you are shy about skipping due to poor technique, i advice practising it at home first in your room where u have your privacy, like me. haha. if you dun try it out, how would you know if you like it?

two ways to approach a skipping workout to keep yourself motivated:

1. how many single-unders can you do in a row.

2. how many single-unders in a certain time frame (e.g. 5 minutes)

give this a try and you might actually like it!

p.s. to any readers out there (if there are even any), kindly provide ideas of what sort of training techniques or dietary concerns which may interest you and i will try my best to source it out and have it posted up for your reading pleasure. cheers!