how much are you eating?

Hi everybody. i know it's been awhile. Been busy with a few events in my life (i.e. buddy's wedding, dinners, blah blah blah). anyway, came across this article in the New York Times regarding the counting of calories which is pretty interesting. Have you ever stepped into macdonald's wondering how much calories you are consuming from a Big Mac or a box of McWings? Well, some places actually put the nutritional information of their food stuff on the packaging. But how much of it is accurate?

An article from the Journal of the American Dietetic Association has published results showing that nutritional data from several chain outlets and products in the supermarkets in the U.S. have displayed calorie contents that are actually lower than what they are supposed to be. This simply means that they underestimated the amount of calories of the products that we consume at these places.

So what does this mean? should we be even more concerned regarding what we put into our mouths? well.. just look out for what you are eating and ensure that you are getting a balanced diet from whatever you eat. For example, in a fast food chain, after having a nice meal of oily and crispy fried chicken, top it off with some fruit from the supermarket or cleanse your stomach with some tea to get rid of the oil. Calorie-counting will be more effective when used on home-cooked food. when you eat out, enjoy your meal and try not to think too much about it. Worry about it only when you hit the gym to get rid of the calories you put into your mouth.

anyway, i appeared on the Olive Ventures blog regarding joining a gym and being green at the same time. quite a nice read. can go take a look here at