Training for me has come to a standstill. No it is not a plateau. I just did my back today. Hurts like hell. Cant sit or walk without difficulty. Kinda narrowed down the odds to either a strain or sprain in the lumbar region. Gonna sleep on it and see how it turns out tml. For today's workout:


21-15-9 reps for time,

95lbs (42.5kg) Thursters


Finished in 12 mins. worst time ever.

Followed by:


3r x 100kg

3r x 100kg (this is where i did my back).

Cheers guys. think it's a haul in my training till i get back to melb. Which would be quite soon. Kinda dejected coz i finally got my hands on a gym. But now with this stupid back injury, the free trial goes to waste. But dun worry. i will be back better and stronger. Keep pushing urself guys and gals. i will continue to update interesting facts regarding health and exercise. so stay tuned! outs.