who is the training geek?


who am i? i am the training geek. the definition of a geek is "a person who has chosen concentration rather than conformity; one who passionately pursues skill (especially technical skill) and imagination, not mainstream social acceptance" (Wikipedia, 2011). i enjoy training and i want everyone to enjoy training instead of seeing it as a chore or a need-to-do in order to survive.

what do i do?

i have chosen to pursue the science of exercise and devote myself to relating the subjects i have taken in the course of my studies (i.e. biomechanics, physiology, psychology, programming etc.) to the reality of exercise and fitness training in our world. there have been so much research done in the areas of exercise and sports science. however, not everyone in the world has yet to experience this. i intend to provide this to the masses and those who never had the opportunity to train like elite athletes. be it young or old, big or small, weak or strong, you deserve to have the opportunity to train and maintain your health and allow yourself to live life to the fullest.

how do i do this?

i gather as much information as i can regarding various topics related to training. and with my own interpretation and knowledge that i have gotten from exercise science, i try to fit it into everyone's understanding. in other words, i do my best using my knowledge to make things about training applicable to you, allowing you to relate it to your own lifestyle or environment and giving you the opportunity to experience exercise and training as much as you deserve as anyone else in the world.

why do i do this?

i believe that everyone deserves to know how and why they train the way they do. all of us have probably encountered some form of mindless training, be it physically or mentally, where day-in-day-out we just do things without knowing why we do them. by doing so, we lack enjoyment, we lack purpose. same for training. if you do not know why you are doing something, you won't understand how you will be doing it. hence, not only being able to do the things you do in training is important, but also being educated on it. with knowledge, you feel empowered and you will feel better about training.

where do i do this?

currently i am based in Melbourne, Australia. but with the power of the Internet, I can reach anyone in the world. i do my best to provide as much applicable knowledge as i can do anyone in need of training through this website, so stay tuned for regular updates and posts on topics regarding training. if you are here in Melbourne, i can do personal training for you where I educate you as much as I train you. like  said before, knowing why allows you to know how to do it. if not, i am more than happy to provide the same service in my PT sessions to you online via correspondence. So feel free to drop me a message or an email and let me know what it is you would like me to help with and i will do my best to help you achieve your training goals.

Stay Strong and Keep Moving,

The Training Geek.