mobility series part i: what we all need.


Something that we all should aim to achieve. Whether we are 18 and still highly flexible, or 80 where it takes the hell out of us to just move about. you probably have heard somewhere that if you start stretching, you would not tighten up when you grow old. Same concept as gaining strength now while you are still able to push some weights around, than to end up having to go through physio through your retirement age.

we should all aspire to take part in sport or exercise when we reach a more mature age.

so what is mobility?

mobility can be seen in various areas of your life:

1. mobility can be referred to as being mobile and carrying your own bodyweight around. this also refers to being able to carry out daily activities of living such as getting the groceries, or moving up and down stairs. this requires you to condition yourself to be able to everyday tasks and not rely on anyone else.

2. mobility can also be referred to as how mobile your body is. this would then refer to your flexibility and looseness/tightness of your various joints and muscles. by being mobile in this sense, it allows us to be more efficient in our movements, whether we are office slaves or elite sports people. this would require understanding your body and consistency in keeping it a well-maintained machine to enhance performance or simply reduce injury risk.

3. lastly, mobility can also be referred to in terms of how adaptable we are. Being able to adapt to our environment or the surroundings we are placed in and still be able to achieve what we are looking to attain is critical especially in exercise or fitness. this requires creativity and spontaneity to be able to bring your workouts anywhere so that you can still proceed on with the journey of achieving your fitness goals.

Stay tuned on for other parts of the mobility series. Next part of the series will give you more details on how to maintain mobility in our daily lives.

Stay strong and keep moving, The Training Geek.