Hello world! and welcome 2010!

Hello everyone. My name is Lester and this is my new project for the year 2010. A brief introduction of myself. I just finished my studies at the School of Exercise Science at Australian Catholic University. I majored in Exercise Science and have a strong interest in the area of research and strength & conditioning. I am intending to further my studies doing an honours in Exercise Science. I am registered with AAESS (Australian Association of Exercise and Sports Science) as well as Kinect Australia. I have had the opportunity of working for a brief period with several sporting associations in the area of strength & conditioning.

My exercise philosophy is this. Strength is an integral part of everyone's lifestyle. One needs strength to perform one's daily activities of living. One needs strength to handle the daily tolls and stresses of one's occupation. One needs strength to enjoy the simple pleasures of life with one's family. Once strength is taken away from you, you would not be able to accomplish the many things you want to accomplish in your life. Thus, while many others are doing their part in making the world a better place such as by performing volunteer services for the needy, partaking in community service for the under-developed countries, being more eco-friendly in their lifestyle choices (e.g. CHOOSE, Singapore's first Eco-shop), I am doing my part by helping others live a more fulfilling lifestyle through exercise and healthier lifestyle-choices.

Thus, with that in mind, my goal is to make the idea of exercise, especially the area of strength & conditioning known to everyone, demolishing the stereotypical impression that such methods of strength training are for the athletes, the sports people or those with too much time on their hands. Through research and personal experience, I intend to introduce various ideas suggested through research as well as utilizing the traditional old-school methods of strength-training to enhance everyone's lifestyle. So come join me on this journal as i try to provide you as much information as i can in your daily struggles to make exercise a part of your lifestyle and push yourself daily to a better and more fulfilling you! look out for my workouts through the week as well as advice on exercise, diet and lifestyle habits! kindly provide your feedback and ideas for me to make this project a better one for everyone to benefit from. =)