signed, sealed and delivered!

after 10 days of slogging and data processing... i have finally gotten my beloved research paper written up and submitted! with much help from morgan and the rest of the team!

story goes like this.. 10 days ago, while i was processing my data, morgan suggested that we try to submit for the Australian Strength and Conditioning Association Conference in Nov. However, the deadline for submission was 30th July. And at that point, i still had quite a few sessions to process and i still had to get the raw data analysed for all 7 sessions and 133 lifts. so day in day out, after clicking non-stop on the mouse and going through frame by frame, i managed to finish processing and we started writing up the paper and to my surprise, we managed to finish the paper with pretty satisfying results!

the guts of the paper simply reflects the coaching cues that have always been used for olympic weightlifting. "big chest", "stomach against the thighs" and "bum out". we simply justify these coaching points with quantitative evidence! so our next step is to look at creating a prediction equation maybe? but that's later on.

now.. after much work.. it's time for me to rest and give myself a break. if you are interested in a good read of my paper.. just let me know and i will send it to you! but for now.. peace out and time to relax!