rush hour.


it's not the show i am talking about. I am currently rushing to process all my data for my current study. We have decided to try to meet the deadline for submission for posters for the Australian Strength & Conditioning Association Conference in November in Surfer's Paradise. From this moment onward, I still have 9 days after i wake up tomorrow morning. I am left with a few trials from my first session and the two sessions that I will be doing this week to process. I really hope we are able to submit something for this conference as it will be very beneficial to my studies.

work has been good. Not covering as many shifts for others as before. partly because uni workload has started and it's been quite a good balance between work and school. the only thing now that is hindering me is the selfish-ness and self-centerness that i am experiencing from people in uni. No names mentioned and no details given publicly. But it's just plain ridiculous for such things to happen and such comments to be thrown around. I do not have time to waste to bother with such childish behaviour and I just want to get my honours done well, whether i get results from the study or not. My motive is to be good at research, not to just publish one article for the sake of having a publication to your name. do your preparation and you do not need to behave like that.

training for me has been excellent since i've been under a coach. managed to get a snatch PB of 80kg which I am really happy with. other achievements in training include 5 reps of 110kg back squats, 3 reps of 90kg front squats. there should be one more coming up this friday for clean and jerk coz we might be going for a PB for clean and jerk. well.. I am happy with where i am and i am quite excited about achieving a 200kg total. we will see how it goes from there.

now that baby is back by my side.. i am beginning to feel that i am able to accomplish anything once again. thanks for being here for me. =)