too early to start worrying?


have you ever experienced this? at work? at school? at home? so many situations can give us this feeling of worry. be it your assignment that is due two weeks from now. be it this dull ache in your hip everytime you walk. be it the ring of fire you get after having lots of curry or chilli the day before.

this is what i am getting now after going through another PhD student's candidature confirmation seminar. i must say his presentation is damn solid and i kept thinking to myself whether i can even be as good as he is when it's my turn. but that brings up another point. why should i get so stressed up about this now? not to be too complacent but i have nutted out some details regarding my project. i have began reading a stats book on human movement analyses. i think the reason i am sort of stressing out ALITTLE is that none of these are confirmed yet. similar to how i felt when i started my Honours i suppose.

solution? take each day as it comes. read a friend's blog recently about worrying too much ahead or looking too far ahead and not accomplishing what you can do today. two words come to my mind which i learnt in secondary school. very cliche but i suppose it brings out the point i am driving across. carpe diem. seize the day. do as much as you can today before worrying about tomorrow. have i done enough today for me to begin worrying about tomorrow?

what did i do today/recently (due to my absence from the world-wide web)?

1. set up my new laptop so that i can at least function at home without internet and get some work done.

2. before setting my new laptop up, buying my new laptop! haha. but big hole in the pocket and need to skim on other expenses from now on. don't worry. i will survive.

3. as mentioned earlier, borrowed the stats book from the library which i was recommended to read. gave me some idea of what i intend to use as a justification for my methods for my PhD.

4. moved into my new place. really happy with it and more or less settled down. hopefully i get into the groove and start working like a machine.

there are alot more things i seemed to have done but can't seem to remember at this point to pen it down. but the main points are there.

i need to carry on having faith in myself.