day of unexpected happenings.


have you ever gone through a day expecting something to happen and it turns out in another way which you never even harbour a thought about? i just had that today. in the number of things that happened to me today. expected to have a couple of PT sessions going today. but both cancelled on me. haha. then i got one PT on shift which was a last min thing when i expected to finish the evening quietly. and today the excellent earphone that the mrs got for me are starting to fail on me because of a connection problem at the jack. pretty bummed out about it because i really love those earphones and now they are spoilt and i barely got them for even a quarter of a year. oh well.. as i said.. unexpected.  

so what did i do today?

1. Active recovery session: lateral shuttle sprints x 10 each side.

2. Excellent meeting wih my supervisors for my PhD to nut out general details of my project. looking quite promising at the moment.

3. Got the mrs to exercise with me. :)

4. Managed to sit down and enjoy a nice glass of pinot noir finally.


so what did you do today?

P.S. Cant wait to snatch and clean+jerk tomorrow. :)