coming back slowly.

As you know, i have been side-lined due to a back injury. Havent done much in the past 2 weeks. actually i din do anything at all until yesterday. The nature of my injury goes like this: I kinda locked up my sacroiliac joints (part where the hip bone connects to the sacrum) and my sacral joint (tailbone to my lumbar vertebral discs) when i did my back during the deadlift. Upon doing so, I also caused my quadratus lumborum to fire off due to muscle guarding of the pelvic region. So my rehab involves mobilising the joints and stretching the QL to reduce the firing.

So it's alot easier for me to get off the seat and start walking without feeling as though my hips were locked. I attempted skipping and i was able to do 100 single-unders in a row. So this was my workout for yesterday:

100 single-unders/10 push-ups (couplet programming according to crossfit).

max rounds in 20 mins.

I managed 11 rounds and 80 single-unders. Not too bad. but i think i can improve.