lazy sunday.

the weather in melbourne has been insane. we just got hit by a hail storm yesterday. we were in the midst of driving back to our place when suddenly it started to hail. the ice-cubes were as big as those we use to fill our glasses for whiskey on the rocks. haha. baby and i were so worried that it would smash sam's windscreen as we borrowed his car and were driving back. apparently the weather is gonna be worse and more hail will be on the way. the sight of having ice all over the place makes it look like it snowed in melbourne only that this form of snow hurts when it hits u! haha. the wet weather din allow me to put my rope rings out for chins (moreover, the rope rings suddenly had a fray and somehow broke. so i am waiting to get them changed). so i had to work in my garage.  decided to work on more technique, continuing from my last post regarding technique. moreover, i did snatchs and cleans the day before so my back is still sore and i dun wanna risk another injury. haha.

so today's workout:

double-under technique

coaching points include:

1. explosive jump to increase clearance height for rope. almost like a plyo jump.

2. rope handles kept in front and at waist level.

3. rotate handles using the wrists and not the shoulders.

p.s. as i couldnt connect them continuously, i added them one by one into my singe-unders. so i do a couple of single-unders, then a double-under, continuing with single-unders and more double-unders until i fail.

handstand push-ups 6x3r