technique is crucial.

in any sport, technique is crucial for performance. recreationally, it is as important to perform whatever exercises you are doing with proper technique. reason being, by doing so, there is a lower chance of getting injured. you can do so by reducing the weights you use for the exercise and focus on getting the right form while doing it (i.e. keep the back neutral or keeping the chest up). you can use cue words to remind you of the various coaching points for that particular exercise such as "head up", "strong back", "drive through the heels". so remember the saying "quality is better than quantity". this relates really well with exercise. only when you do it right, then you increase the weight you use. today's workout:

Snatch technique

40kg   6x3r

50kg   3x3r, 3x2r

Clean technique

50kg    3r

60kg   3x3r

70kg   2x3r