good start to my career.

when i tot everything was coming to quite a standstill.. i take my first step in establishing my career in the industry of sport and exercise. firstly, my project presentation went quite well. said everything i needed to say and then some.. when i had to answer questions. haha. managed to justify my project pretty well to the staff members even those from the other campuses. so i am pretty happy with that. secondly, had my first taste of personal training today although i am only a gym instructor. wrote 2 programs yesterday for today and introduced them to my first two clients. haha. one was an ITB syndrome problem and while going through the program, she felt good about it.. which affirms what i am doing is working. secondly, the second program was quite well-received by the client.. just need to write it up properly and clearer for the client to carry out on his own. the only downside today was time management.. i actually had one more session in between these two clients for a program start but due to my poor time management, i wasnt able to take her through her new program. felt so bad because she had to go through it herself. but she was really nice about it. so it din make me feel as bad. so it's a good start to my career and i am really looking forward to it.

you know you like the job when u can smile while cleaning the weight benches down at the end of the day. haha.

no workout today as it's a rest day and it was a full-on day for me.

to finish off.. a quote i heard this morning from the jedi master.. "the confidence of amateurs is the envy of experts."