additions to my home gym.

was supposed to present my project to the essendon footie club today. but last min it got cancelled. i tot it was an april fool's joke by morgan. haha. coz i was so hyped to present. haha. oh well.. anywayy.. i went shopping again for new items to add to my garage. hehe. it's getting quite a bad habit. but i like it. hahaha. so this time, i decided to invest in some bands. powerbands. good for resistance training as well as additional resistance to the normal exercises such as squats and deadlifts.

i got two kinds.. one is the set of micro bands.. smaller bands which are of good use for rehab and activating stabilising muscles.

the other one is the 2m agility band.. dual purpose as i can use to for good-mornings and core work.

hooked it up to the lamp post outside our place.. and used the power rings strap to secure it.

and this is me sprinting to touch the wall of our garage. haha. tough at first but i will work on it.

and i also got chalk! hehe. to improve my grip when doing the olympic lifts as well as doing pull ups. haha. bought it in bulk so i dun think i will need to get any more in a while. haha.

I also got an interval timer/stopwatch! haha. can set two different intervals! and for as many as 99 intervals! haha. good for mma training and personal training.

best part.. it's as small as a pager! can be brought around easily! woohooo! see.. it fits in my hand! haha.

so this is my new addition! haha. oops.

today's workout:


21-15-9 reps for time:

Cleans 60kg

Ring Dips

13:08 mins.

quite a good workout. but my thighs are bruised because of all the rubbing of the bar on my thighs. hahaha.