Exercise for kids.

The big question that has been floating around is.. should kids start exercising at such a young age? i firstly think what should be defined as exercise for kids. Kids playing is already a form of exercise for them. from a toddler to an adolescent.. the different ways they play and the things they play with are actually different forms of exercise scaled down to their fitness, strength and skill level. take a toddler for example.. picking up toys and carrying them around and throwing them can be seen as a form of strength training as they learn various motor skills such as throwing and walking with a weight. or even for a young kid in primary school.. jumping around and climbing up the steps in the playground or the poles are also forms of exercise for them. similar to adults doing jump squats and rope climbs while crossfitting yeah? haha. so the important element here we need to see is the element of fun. even while we are exercising as adults, we also need an element of fun to keep ourselves motivated. so for kids they also need the element of fun if not they will not be excited about doing what you want them to do in the form of exercise. things like circult training in the playground.. or moving objects in the form of a relay race.. trying to do the monkey bars.. these are just simple ways to get kids exercising. dun be mistaken that by putting kids through a exercise program, it means getting them to work out in the gym.. lifting weights or squatting. yes.. they would be beneficial physically.. but psychologically, the kid will not benefit from it as it lacks that element of fun. today is rest day. =) work begins tomorrow. both exercise and school. haha.

possible sight next time when i have my first child? i assure he will be having fun. =)