Confidence is sexy.


Today i came across this article posted in the Crossfit Journal. It talks about how women have been told their whole lives that they are incapable of proper strength training using free weights and movements that only men can do. That's why most trainers these days make women use only the machines and seldom put them on free weights programs because of the scary thought that women doing strength training will make them become bulky. But firstly that is untrue because women do not produce as much testosterone as men which will not allow them to build muscle as much as men after lifting regular weights. Anyway, the article also brought up the notion that women who perform heavy lifts, use olympic weightlifting, swing a kettlebell between their legs, portray this sense of confidence they get from being able and capable to do these movements. This is simply a shift of mentality to one where women should start seeing the attitude and determination of exercising as someone they should be proud of than just the appearance they want to achieve. If you put in the effort, you will reap the rewards. look to achieve your personal best in a workout. it will give you a sense of confidence that you will continue to thirst for a long long while. that's why i decided to introduce Crossfit to my baby. and i am glad she liked it. and i could tell from her first workout, she was already showing more confidence in tackling future workouts! hehe. today's workout

started with stringing double-unders with ring dips.

then 3x 400m intervals (1st @ 1:27min, 2nd @ 1:33min, 3rd @ 1:35min)

Pull-ups: worked up to a total of 30 reps.

Boxing on the speed ball: 4 5-min rounds with 1-min intervals.

Finished off with kicking technique on the speed-ball.

taz venter deadlifting. new zealand's fittest woman. and she can also do a slow-motion muscle-up. =)