learning curve.

Hi everyone. Sorry for the long silence. Many things have happened and this post is just a summary of everything so far.

1. I made a trip back to Singapore two weeks back to attend a wedding and at the same time catch up with family and friends.

2. I bought myself some new shoes (which i will post about shortly i hope).

3. I have been sort of working my ass off. been busy with personal training as well as covering shifts.

The trip back was good. managed to catch up with my family. as well as friends. had time to have coffee or a drink with them.. cooked for my parents and sister. visited my grandma. attended my cousin's wedding. ate alot of meals as well. and most importantly, spent the majority of the day with my baby. it was tiring having to wake up and head out soon after waking up and rushing around like a mad person the whole day then get back home and crash on the bed. but i still felt that it was time well spent, especially now when i am employed. so i would like to thank everyone for making that bit of time to meet up and thank you to my baby for taking the week off just to keep me company. hehe.

Like i mentioned earlier, i started taking personal training clients. It's a huge learning curve as you interact more with people. From such interactions, you can experience a spectrum of attitudes and behaviours. It really opens up my eyes and allows me to learn more about handling situations. with no names mentioned to keep the privacy of the people i train, i have two clients with attitudes that are totally different from each other. Client A is really nice and bubbly and whatever exercises given to her, she does it even if it was going to make her pant or sore the next day. she appreciates the training despite being humorously sarcastic about it. on the other hand, Client B is very stand-off-ish and likes to question whatever exercises i give to him. He gives me the impression that he is just into personal training for the short term and once he gets enough knowledge, he will just carry on training on his own. For Client A, I can see it progressing to more of a good client-trainer relationship while for Client B, it's more of a professional relationship where I just train him, he learns and at the end of the day he goes. So just like that, I learn so much about handling such people and how i should talk to them.

I love this job because it really gives me alot of learning experiences and shows me the depth of the real world. looking forward to more of such experiences especially when I am gonna start my own thing soon or later. =)