i reckon i should post something before my eyes get too heavy and i go into lala-land. waking up early every morning used to be so simple and easy but now it seems to take a toll on me. what happened to the ability to wake up just like that in the army. hehe. i have a presentation for some people visiting from republic polytechnic tomorrow at university and i am going to present to them about my project. hopefully the "la"s and "lor"s will stay in and not make an appearance. honours is going slow partly because i am not rushing people to get things done. if i do that, i can be a pain in the ass. i can make sure i get things my way by hook or by crook. but like morgan said to me, i am too soft. well.. luckily for them i am really too soft. you all better get ur shit together because if i dun get to complete my honours promptly, i will make sure all hell will break loose thanks to you guys. all i ask is for your cooperation.

working has been great recently. starting personal training as mentioned in my previous post has given me new experiences. and as we get into the middle of the outdoor training block, i think i am gonna up the intensity and push them alittle harder from now onwards. but it will still be fun! one of them even said that they don't know what to expect each time they come for training. not too sure if that's good or bad but i will leave it as that.

working out has been quite a luxury these days especially when working. managed to complete a couple of WODs here and there but never really had the time to blog about it as regularly as i used to. so a few achievements recently: 20 rounds for cindy (new PB), full battling rope tabatha completed, sub 8 Fran and adding to this collection, 8-min Grace. need to slowly work back up to the amount of training i used to be doing. slow and steadily.

today's workout:


30 60kg Clean-and-Jerks for time.

(awesome squat clean technique. need to work on mine.)

8 mins. 1 rep every 15s.

Will try to cut it down next time. but 60kg is starting to feel alittle lighter. so i am glad. goodnight world. =)