The Training Geek Goes MMA.


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Over the last two months, I have been going through a Mixed Martical Arts Conditioning Association (MMACA) course via online correspondence to give me the skills and tools required to train MMA fighters, train recreational athletes using the same protocols as MMA fighters. I recently took my exam and managed to score a 89% for it! So this means I can now use what I learn in this course to train you guys! I will also be sharing what I learn as well on this blog so stay tuned for more!

So that means that now the Training Geek is MMACA-certified and is a MMA Conditioning Specialist. So if you are interested in training for a fight or even just training like a fighter, feel free to contact me for a couple of sessions to help you get in shape MMA-style!

Stay Strong and Keep Moving,

The Training Geek.