Geek P.O.D.: Vivo At Work.

20110814-101255.jpg My new pair of Vivo Barefoot Evos. Great customer service by Terra Plana. My original pair (the greens one) actually had small rips on the sides and I sent photos and an email to the Australian distributors to let them know. As a result, they offered to replace them and deliver a new pair to me free of charge. They even allowed me to choose a new co our should the green ones be out of stock.

On another note, they are a nice pair of barefoot shoes to wear. I use them as a casual pair of shoes and at work as well. Looks like an ordinary shoe and has the cushioning of the Vibram FiveFingers Bikilas. Like the FiveFingers, they also give me that proprioception training i require for the weak arches of my feet. Because of their hexagon pattern, it also looks quite funky. This new pair did not need as much breaking-in as much as the first ut pair. So now since I have two pairs, the older pair with the rips which just require a bit of sports tape to mend up will be used as a training pair of shoes!