The Training Geek's Gonna Be Boss?


Recently I have been shown this graphic design by many back home which has sparked the formation of this post. For my regular readers from other parts of the world, currently in Singapore, it's our Presidential Elections and the campaigning is full-on at the moment. Being overseas, I have the option to vote but that means heading down to Canberra to cast my vote. Plus, I have no preference over who becomes President as long as the country continues to survive I suppose (as you can tell I'm not so keen in regards to the political scene).

So back to the point of this post, the picture below has drawn some of my attention and I find really amusing that they are somewhat similar.

"Your Training Geek logo same as -Name removed-.."

No it is not. Reasons are:

  1. My Training Geek logo is graphically adapted from the glasses I currently wear. Although the other mentioned logo is also based off the actual glasses worn, the next few points explain how they are different.
  2. They are more rectangular in shape, not as square as the ones in question.
  3. They are also not rounded at the corners. I have three additional grooves on each side, again similar to my own glasses.
  4. It's just glasses in their logo. The Training Geek logo has a barbell at the corner of the glasses.
  5. Moreover, The Training Geek was established in February, before the Presidential campaigning began.

So with that, I rest my case that the Training Geek logo has no relation to the Presidential Campaign logo. However, should anyone (even Presidential candidates are welcome) need a personal strength & conditioning specialist, always look out for the barbell at the corner because that's the logo which leads you to the Training Geek.

Disclaimer: This post is a light-hearted piece with no intention of swaying anyone's political views and defamation. But I am serious about the personal strength & conditioning specialist bit, if you are looking for one, make sure you look out for that little barbell at the corner.

Stay Strong and Enjoy Voting,

The Training Geek.

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