new garage toys!

Hi everyone. havent been updating since i got back. so this is what's up: 1. lots of catching up with my honours. really lagging behind and really need to up my game.

2. applied for a couple of jobs and yet to hear from these people. hopefully soon.

3. new garage gym toys. and here they are!

this is the new slosh ball! it is a water-filled ball meant to mimick the size and demands of an atlas stone (strongman implement). With the water inside, it creates instability when moving it about which works ur stabilising muscles. Good workout for ur back, hips, legs, and arms when used on its own.

the new rope rings! hung from the bars on the balcony. only downside is we have to open up the garage down to use them! and there isnt enough room to perform a muscle-up! but apart from that, it is excellent to build grip strength because of the rope grip! and when doing dips, it's hella difficult because of the instability! good for chin-ups as well because of the ability to rotate ur arms when chinning to save abit of ur rotator cuffs! other exercises include pushups on the rings, or jackknives with ur feet in the rings.

So the two new workout toys to my garage gym!

another view of my garage gym. simple set up for now. slowly adding stuff in.

and not to forget....

my pair of X-minis which are the best sound system u can get for a garage gym! enough to irritate the neighbours i must say. haha. if only i got the stereo ones as well.. that would make the sound system in the gym as good as the one for our tv. haha.

so now my garage gym consists of:

1. one 20kg olympic barbell with 2 15kg bumper plates

2. one 20kg kettlebell

3. one water-filled atlas stone

4. one pair of rope rings

5. one skipping rope, pair of boxing gloves, pair of focus mitts

so anyone wanna join my gym? haha.