back in school training.

First workout back in school. "Linda"

10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 reps for time.

1.5BW Deadlift (supposed to be 114kg but i did 70kg)

1BW Bench Press (supposed to be 76kg but i did 60kg)

3/4BW Clean/Power Clean(supposed to be 57kg but i did 50kg)

26:27 mins.

Glute raises/Front planks

30sec each; 3 sets.

Felt quite good. BW has gone down to 76kg after coming back to melb. been cutting down my diet and doing more cardiovascular work. added ab work to my workouts to rehab my back.

read somewhere that if you have lower back pain, activating the glutes and relaxing the hamstrings help relieve the stretch of the lumbar region, thus relieving lower back pain. works alittle for me. so i am hoping it works better! haha. give it a try! if you wanna know how to do a glute raise or front plank, give me a shoutout and i will do a post on it!