benefits of exercise.

the article for today talks about the benefits of exercise. the physical benefits of exercise include:

1. cancer - activity increases circulation in the body's physiological systems.

2. cardiovascular disease - lower cholesterol levels protect the heart and blood vessels.

3. osteoporosis and fragility - strength training increases bone and muscle strength thus reducing risk of falls.

4. type 2 diabetes - controls sugar levels and keeps weight down thus increasing insulin sensitivity.

but the main take-away point of the article is that exercise not only benefits physically, but it also helps with increasing mental tasks such as memory and multitasking. and by exercising in your early years, you actually benefit more from exercise. this is not saying that if you are above 55 now and you just start exercising it's too late to reap the benefits. these studies in the article actually used elderly subjects which means it's never too late to start exercising! and most importantly, exercising is free! so why waste it. =)

today's workout:

supposed to be a rest day, but i did some arm exercises and worked on handstand push-ups technique. focused on slowly lowering myself till my head touched the floor to build up my confidence while doing the handstand push-up. and i did it on 2 weight plates to increase the range of motion.