favourite workout so far!

was going through the crossfit main site regularly. in search of new videos to inspire me. as well as workouts that are very interesting. haha. so i came across this workout and decided to try it today..

today's workout:

304 single-unders in a row as warm-up

10 rounds for time:

60kg Deadlift 15r

15 push-ups


I believe i could have finished faster. but there was a slight tingle in my back still.. so i decided not to really go hard. but at least i hit a new record in my single-unders with 304 single-unders in a row. this is one of my favourite workouts after going through it. good balance of working the body overall. deadlift is such a compound exercise from head to toe while push-ups really work your upper body and core. and plus such a high volume, it really builds up the strength-endurance component of fitness. moreover, it makes you sweat buckets. hahaha. so what's ur favourite workout?