ideal weight.

one of the articles i read on the new york times recently talked about the ideal weight to be in for athletes to perform at their best. apparently, there is no method to determine that weight that you will perform the best in. studies have shown that for certain sports such as running or skiing, there is performance enhancement with a reduction of bodyweight. however, there is also the problem of losing too much weight and losing ur strength and performance. thus, it is important to know what your ideal weight is. for the sports ppl out there, do keep track of ur weight regularly and know what is the range that makes u feel the strongest or fastest. it takes abit of experimenting and understanding of ur own body. the take-home message is that you need to slowly understand ur body. if you are able to get that ideal weight narrowed down, you will realise your body's potential to perform. even for everyday life, by keeping your weight to one where you feel that you have the most energy and strength, you would be able to perform most of your daily activities and feel good about urself. today's workout

Hang clean 40kg 3x5r

Full clean 50kg 3x5r, 60kg 3x5r, 70kg 4,1,1,1,1,1,1r

Hang clean 50kg 3x3r, 60kg 2x3r, 70kg 2x3r

the reason why i went from full clean to hang clean again is because i was trying 80kg for the full clean but my second pull did not seem as powerful so i decided to work on my second pull using the hang clean. hopefully it would work and i could get my clean back to 80kg.