sudden hiatus. but i am back!

Sorry for the sudden radio silence ppl. I have been sick the whole of last week with fever and this mumps-looking thing on my neck. fever spiked up to 38.5 and went down to 37 and lingered around 38 for two days.  checked it out with the doc and it turned out to be inflammed lymph nodes which probably caused the fever. the swelling has gone down now and i am slowly getting back on track. workout yesterday:

modified Fran

21-15-9 reps for time:

30kg thrusters



today's workout


80kg 5x5r

finishing set of 13r

hang snatch

40kg 3r

50kg 3x3r

t-bar rows

30kg 12r

40kg 12r

50kg 8r

slowly gonna build up my strength again and get back to where i was last year. anyway.. got a job at the YMCA at Exhitbition working in a gym. gonna rack up some PT experience good for the future when i open up my own. hehe. peace out ppl.