strength day.

today's about working on strength. So i decided to work on my snatch. added in abit of weighted pull-ups as well. of coz i also had my usual core work. haha. today's workout

Hang snatch

40kg 3x5r

50kg 3x3r

Full snatch

60kg 10r cluster (6r successful)

Weighted pull-ups (with 10kg plate)


Hit my PB on the snatch. so i am quite satisfied. cluster means i did like a total of 10 reps but i split them up. so it can either be one rep at a time so i get more rest in between reps.. or 2-3rep clusters. So i did one rep at a time till i hit 10 reps. out of the 10 reps.. 6 were successful. realised i need to pull myself down faster to catch the bar. haha. oh well.. practice makes perfect.