job training.

Had my first session of job training for my start of my career on monday! haha. doing opening shifts on mondays and wednesdays and closing shifts on wednesdays and thursdays. Gym floor work and abit of customer service. Quite interesting as i also get to write programs and handle clients. I have three initial consultations during my first day of work. so I think it's quite a good learning platform. Looking forward to make some differences in some people's lives. One of the first few steps to my dream of having my own gym. haha. today's workout:

modified Fran

21-15-9 reps for time:

30kg Thrusters (originally 40kg)




5x5r ring dips.

Shaved 20 seconds of my PB. I am planning to shave more off my timing before i up the weight to the original weight. it seems like i am really on the road to recovery. Now it's time to get my strength back. haha. Have u been hitting ur personal best for ur exercises? If not, time to review ur training and think of making some changes! sets, reps, rest periods, intensity.. the few variables you can change to rev up ur program!