skipping part 1.

My experience in skipping only started when i started crossfit. Before that, I always felt that I am too uncoordinated to skip properly. either that or i always land like an elephant which makes it inefficient for skipping. haha. my parents would be able to hear me land despite the tv being on a high volume. but ever since i made myself skip so that i can complete some of the crossfit workouts involving double-unders, i am quite happy that i started. coz it's one of the best exercises you can do with minimal equipment for an absolutely smashing workout! so how did i start learning how to skip? i came across this video on the crossfit site involving this skipping expert called buddy lee (sounds like something i would call my good friend jacky lee). haha. but this dude is a freak. he can do the craziest things with a rope. haha. so getting the tips from there and being REALLY really patient helped alot. so i am sharing some of them with you.

1. Start by practising without the jump and rotating the rope starting behind you and over you. it's mostly about the rhythm.

2. Once you do a couple of the above mentioned movement, the next progression is to do the same thing of rotating the rope and when you hear the rope hit the floor then you perform ONE jump.

3. Do around 10 reps of those and really get the timing right. after which the next progression is try to string a couple together by jumping on hearing the rope hit the floor.

A few coaching tips.

1. arms by your side. movement of the rope only from your wrists.

2. hands at waist heights and handles of the rope should be parallel to the ground.

3. when jumping, make sure the movements comes from bending your knees. Ankles should be slightly stiffer to enhance the bounce.

4. Jump only high enough for the rope to go under your feet and always land on the balls of your feet.

5. Keep your torso upright and movement of the body should be up and down.

Alright. That's all for today. go and try this out! and i will post soon on how to get your first double under.

today's workout:

15 min jog/20min walk with baby along the river.

Stone lifting onto washing machine height platform

One large slosh ball 5x5r

double-under technique

managed to string 15 double-unders with single-unders in between. new PB. woohoooo!

my big red water-filled stone. good for shoulder stabilisation.