beer better than water?


this may be old news but back in 2007, there was a research study in Spain that found that this wonderful beverage had a better hydrating effect as compared to water itself!

so what do i think? i personally believe that this could be a good area of research. beer has less alcoholic content as compared to hard liquor. so that's a plus point. plus they recommend a pint of beer for proper hydration after a workout. anything more may cause a diuretic effect which makes you pee more which eventually makes you more dehydrated. Plus like the article mentioned, it's a source of carbohydrate which we can replenish our bodies with especially after a workout when energy has been burnt off. Plus keeping to the one pint recommendation instead of drowning yourself as though you are enjoying yourself at a bar reduces the chance of you needing to go to the toilet due to a bloated stomach and bladder. so why not give it a try? they also recommended that one glass of wine a day gives you the amount of antioxidants needed in a day.

today's workout/challenge:

max bodyweight deadlifts in 10 minutes (bodyweight of 74kg, used 80kg)

115 reps.

got this challenge from the Australian Kettlebell Forum. Was looking around and saw this the other day. but only decided to try this today. quite an interesting workout. i enjoyed it quite abit though. the reason why i decided to do this workout is because i feel that it helps me build up my endurance in my back muscles. especially after my injury. Plus the weight i used is 80kg so it's relatively light. good test of strength-endurance. =)