more is yet to come.


i took my first outdoor training session today. three ladies in the beginner's class. and so nicely, God decided to make it rain and made us move the training indoors. which was also part of my element. so i got them to do like a team relay where they would perform a total number of reps amongst themselves and a min of 10 per person.. over 4 stations.. two stations at each end of the gym. then i had them doing some strength and stability work.. before finishing it off with abs and stretching. they seemed pretty happy and they decided as a group to join the next block. so that's a good sign right? haha. and i decided to start a small outdoor training thing. same as wad they are charging these people. 7 weeks/2 sessions per week for $35. very very cheap. and it will be done outdoors with some funky equipment if possible. so kindly contact me if you are interested! today's workout

(taken from Crossfit's main site and instead of dumbbells, i used my barbell)

5 rounds (working up to max load):

5 deadlifts

5 hang squat cleans

5 push presses

5 front squats

30kg, 40kg, 50kg, 60kg (dropped the bar after 2 push presses), 50kg (dropped the bar after push presses)

so quite a nice workout. quite all-round strength and anaerobic capacity met-con WOD. will probably include these for the ladies in one of their sessions. hehe.

a soon-to-be familiar sight. with hopefully that amount of people. and also hoping to start personal training soon! whee!