Officially Level 1 Strength & Conditioning!


Good news people! The Training Geek has officially attained his Level 1 Strength & Conditioning Certificate and is now a Level 1 S&C Coach. Although I did my undergraduate studies with a specialisation in Strength & Conditioning, I did not get any qualification for it. So I decided to go for the course and get myself that certification.

So now, the Training Geek will be more involved in Strength & Conditioning with the purpose of making it possible for everyone! Remember as I always say, Strength & Conditioning is meant for everyone. It's only to what extent of Strength & Conditioning you require.

So if you need help with your programs or just anything related with training, feel free to drop me an email or contact me via my contact page and I will do my best to help! Thanks again everyone for your support and I will keep coming up with interesting and helpful articles!

Stay Strong and Keep on Training,

The Training Geek.