Geek P.O.D.: Embracing Success.


Sometime in our lives, we have experienced the joy of success. Be it big or small, we probably have gotten the taste of it before. However, every individual has his or her own way of embracing this success and this comes in their own form of celebration after achieving this success.

For Dmitry Klokov, it was in the form of a huge roar after his lift in the Olympic Games. His way of celebrating his success in weightlifting is in the form of very manly and beastly roars after each lift with arms punching the air. Other forms of embracing success could be just a simple shout-out into the sky, a fist pump into the air or a jump up into the air. To each individual, we all have our own way of celebrating success.

Mine is simply smiling and looking up into the sky, thanking Him for making it happen. What's yours?