Geek P.O.D.: Climb High.


"100 Counts of 4! and GO!"

Picture from Crossfit Boston.

This is what I hear everytime I think of this exercise, mountain climbers. Days in my army and probably some form of PTSD from the training we had with this exercise. Another full-body conditioning exercise which I recommend.

Start from the Top position of a Push-Up, then bring one foot forward close to your palm, reverse that action then repeat with other leg. (Although in the picture provided, it's done as a stretch but when the element of reps and speed is added, feet does not have to be in line with hands in order to keep a good back position. Behind your palms will do.)

  1. Shoulder Stabilisation from the Top position of the Push-Up which you have to hold while moving your legs.
  2. Keeping your back solid and abs tight while moving your legs provides Core Stabilisation.
  3. Dynamic Stretching of the Hip Extensors and Flexors plus moving the legs which give it quite a workout.
Three ticks for a full-body exercise. Give it a try starting with 5 counts of 4 and building it up to 20 counts and if you are adventurous, try 50. :)