How to Train like A Running Man.


This is a Korean variety game show which was introduced to me and my wife by my sister. It involves these Korean celebrities running around performing missions to be determined the winners of each episode to avoid punishment.

Picture from South Korea Addict.

From this, I have begun to devise a way that you could incorporate such a thing into your training. Each time you intend to train or perform a session, set a few "missions" or goals for yourself.

For example, if it's a weight session, three missions could be set out like that:

  1. Warm-up: 5 minutes of light-intensity cardio + 5 minutes dynamic warm-up.
  2. Add an additional rep to your last set of each exercise if it's not to failure.
  3. Perform static stretching for 10 minutes at least at the end of your session.

It may seem like a really straight-forward way of adding small important elements to your training but honestly, how many of us actually stick to doing these small things consistently in our training? Upon accomplishing your mission, you can then think of rewarding yourself. Should you fail, punish yourself with a small punishment such as taking something you enjoy away for a moment and try harder next time!

Give this a shot and let me know what you think and how it has changed your training!

P.S. With personal experience, a client came in today and said today's going to be a good session. So he set a mission for himself and it really did turn out to be an excellent session. Speaks much about setting a mission for your session eh?

Stay Strong and Keep Running,

The Training Geek.