push press.

been working on my Olympic lifting in tune with my honours project. haha. anyway.. my PBs so far.. 80kg clean-and-jerk 3r, 60kg snatch 3x3r. Quite happy with it. think working on my hang cleans and snatches helped alot. haha. so today i decided to do some shoulder work. tried my first set of 50kg doing strict shoulder press and i actually was able to do it. meaning i actually gained strength. probably the handstand push-ups and ring dips are helping quite abit! hehe. today's workout:

push press

40kg 5r

50kg 2x5r

60kg 5x5r

double-under technique - was able to get 4 double-unders in a row. woohoooo!

thinking of snatch balance tml after watching three videos on the crossfit mainsite on snatch balance esp by chris spealler who did 245lbs when his PB was 205lbs and at a bodyweight of 140lbs. "i wanna be chris-spealler strong" - Jason Khalipa.

and also. i got my baby to do her first crossfit workout! a triplet focused on full-body met-con.

baby's workout:

3 rounds of 5 mins with 1 min rest; max rounds in worktime

3 wall push-ups

6 sit-ups

9 bodyweight squats

baby did well with 20 rounds in the 15 minutes of work! hehe. so proud of her for her excellent effort! hehe. hope i can slowly convert her to being an avid crossfitter! hehe.