Geek P.O.D.: Ladies Can Do It Too!


This was discussed between me and another trainer (whom I am training at the moment) during the weekend. Many ladies believe that Strength & Conditioning or even weightlifting/strength-training exercises are not good for their body shape and would make them bulky! Let's look at what builds muscle (in a bulking sense). Additional intake of calories (in the form of protein), and heavy weight-training (usually to failure). So if you are a lady, your diet is still the same and you are not pushing weights to failure, chances are you will not bulk up too much but instead tone up.

Picture taken from Showtime Sports' Flickr Album.

Take Gina Carano for example. One of the better-looking female MMA fighters in the circuit. She still looks good but she does everything a male fighter does - train hard. So ladies, do not be afraid and shy away from weights. Give it a try. You may like it.


Stay Strong and Keep Moving,

The Training Geek.