Turning Twenty-Six.


Here's 26 things that are food for thought for the 26 years of my life:

  1. I have switched my interest of studies from being arts-related (art, literature etc.) to being science-related (exercise science).
  2. From decent haircuts to abnormal hairstyles, my style of preference and how people recognise me by is the mohawk while when I was young, it was the bowl-cut.
  3. A skinny kid I was and now I walk around not being able to fit waist size 32 because of my thighs.
  4. I wasn't actually too good in my studies when I was younger being in the bottom end of the cohort and nearly not being able to promote to the next level of education.
  5. I always have ridiculous ideas but thankfully, my significant other is always the one who keeps me grounded in whatever I do. Thank God for that.
  6. I seem to enjoy doing sports involving moving an external load. Just that as I got older, the load got heavier.
  7. I never used to have a sweet tooth but ever since living with my significant other, she has converted me into one with all her baking and wonderful creations.
  8. My drink of choice used to be bourbon coke but now I hate the taste of bourbon and I only drink whiskey on the rocks.
  9. At one stage of my life, I wanted to dye my hair all sorts of colours. I had blue hair once. Now I only stick with black hair.
  10. I still keep the best items of the meal to be consumed last and this is a habit I was young.
  11. I never fail to damage a good set of earphones (P.S. I just spoilt the ones I got the last trip back. Had to get new ones today).
  12. I never cooked for my family when I was younger. Only until I started staying overseas, I always find time and joy cooking for my family when I am back.
  13. I was actually a prefect in primary school.
  14. I enjoy doing things myself (i.e. painting my room, fixing my own furniture etc.) instead of hiring people to do it.
  15. Since young, I have always enjoyed having offcuts and till this day, I still enjoy them.
  16. Between the ages of 14-18, I lost at least 7 handphones. Since then till now, I have never lost one.
  17. Entering secondary school, I believe that shoes tell alot about what kind of a person you are. Hence my obsession with shoes.
  18. My best friend/best man for my wedding has the same pronunciation for his mandarin name as mine.
  19. I do not believe in dieting; I believe in enjoying your food for better overall well-being (physical and mental health)
  20. I was actually named after the little boy who played Oliver Twist (1948) whose name was Mark Lester (my dad's and my name combined).
  21. If my maternal grandfather was around, I would have continued his legacy of being a zhi char chef (restauranteur).
  22. Despite my long career in bowling, I have never bowled a perfect game.
  23. Till this day, although I am no longer doing it, I still love art and design.
  24. I actually enjoy running because of the serenity I get from it but I hate the physical aspect of a long bout of exercise.
  25. I got my initial knowledge about training from reading magazines till the point that I actually knew part of the stuff I studied for my undergrad course before I did my undergrad.
  26. I look like a geek, I speak like a geek and I actually am a geek. That's why I call myself the Training Geek.

Happy birthday to me!

Stay Strong and Keep Training,

The Training Geek.