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The previous concept of The Training Geek was to provide you the How's and Why's behind your training as it's not just about sweating it out! Now I am doing it slightly different.

With my keen interest in research and inquiry, I do my best to help you learn more about the latest trends and the traditional training protocols in Strength & Conditioning originally planned for elite athletes. However, running this blog for awhile, I have come to realised that there is a bigger need to allow everyone to understand that such methods are not only meant for athletes but they can also be used for the regular everyday person.

So now, The Training Geek is here to help the everyday person become an everyday athlete.

The Training Geek's goal is to help everyone learn more about Strength & Conditioning and apply it to any activity, be it training or work, whether they are elite or recreational athletes. My secondary aim is to paint a better picture of weightlifting (the snatch and the clean&jerk) and allow everyone to understand the wonders of this sport and how you can use it in your own training, whether you are a sportsperson or just the regular Joe.

So what's on offer in terms of training options? Applied Strength and Conditioning, Beginner's weightlifting, Movement analysis and many more. For more information, take a look at my services here!

Stay tuned on this blog for more news and information about training! If you are interested in training with the Training Geek, please contact me and I'll be in touch with you as soon as I can.