Weekly Favourite Five #2

For this week's favourite posts, there are a few interactive posts as well as a few with more of a personal meaning. Enjoy!

1. Goals Achieved = New Targets

This post was a repost of one of the guys I am working with at the moment, Kyle Frankenfeld. You probably see me post alot about him since last year when I was helping him and his brother and a few other Crossfitters prepare during the lead-up to the Crossfit Games Open and even till Regionals. Coming back from Regionals with a few significant injuries, we looked at getting this guy a healthy body again. What he reacted best with was in fact a GVT-inspired program for his squats which, coupled with the Gymnastics Bodies Foundational program, showed good progress. So we decided to go with using that for his shoulders as well since they are the next area or weakness we want to overcome. 

2. Failed Lift vs Successful Lift: Mistake Corrected, Figure It Out.

This was more of a educational post. I wanted to also show that if one understands the mistake made and when the mistake was made, the movement can easily be corrected. That way, the focus when performing the lift is easily seen as on the lift instead of just trying to gain the result of the lift. This interacted well with the audience and there were several good guesses. My purpose for the Training Geek afterall is to allow everyone to learn more about lifting. So this post was reverting back to what I used to originally post about where I would get the audience to figure things out on their own. 

3. If Your Hips Can't Extend Fully, Movement To Drive The Bar Up Has To Come From Somewhere Else.

This is a short one but I always try to provide a mobility-based post as often as I can because that will give you a better idea of what mobility you should specifically work on. What I am seeing lately is the lack of hip extension or terminal hip extension and because of that, many compensate easily through the back or trunk instead of properly driving well through the legs. Worse still, sometimes even the arms are employed due to the lack of the ability to fully extend the hips. 

4. This Guy is On Fire!

And this guy is again Kyle Frankenfeld. Two posts within a week, something must be going right. We had him come in after awhile through the holiday season and we have been keeping tabs on his squatting and making sure he stays healthy in his joints. With him feeling really good on this day, we decided that we will see how far he can go with pushing his front squats. Not only a rep PB, he also managed a new 1RM. This goes to show that when things start kicking in from the programming and the work put in, results are easily achieved. 

5. You'll Never Know Everything About Anything, Especially Something You Love.

This one is alittle more personal for me. I put this one up because I have recently seen some coaches who basically rest on their laurels and decided that what they know is sufficient or what they are reading on the internet is sufficient without putting it into practice. Knowledge is definitely attainable all over in this day of technology but the key thing is to be able to put that theory into practical application. So if you are not hands-on in applying the knowledge, you are not attempting to perfect what your craft is which is coaching. If so, don't call yourself a coach just because you write programs.

So that concludes the second edition of the Weekly Favourite Five. Stay tuned for the next one and meanwhile, if you enjoyed those posts of the week or others, feel free to share this post on Facebook by clicking this link! Thanks!