facing adversity.


everyday, somehow or rather.. we seem to face adversities in our own way. my mum faces adversity when handling incompetent people.. baby faces adversity when she bakes and wants to perfect the recipe. recently, one of the teams i support in the world of rugby league, the Mebourne Storm, faces their own form of adversity when they have been penalized for salary cap rort. they got two of their premiership titles stripped from them as well as any possible chance of winning the season taken away from them. despite all of that, they managed to pull themselves together and put a stunning performance for the following game after all these hooha. the statement given by their coach, Craig Bellamy, really had an impact on me and their performance in the game straight after all these really showed their spirit as a team and i was actually proud to even be involved with them even if it was for a short while. this really made me think of my current situation with my honours class. the lecturer did not begin the unit on a good foot and ended up making me really biased against her from her being biased against us students in melbourne and from the faculty of exercise science. it made my experience in this unit really unpleasant to the extent where i sent an email to my course coordinator and head of school to express my displeasure for her. but from the whole Melbourne Storm saga, it made me think that she's my "NRL boss" stripping me of my position as a junior researcher but that's not gonna break my interest in my project and it makes me focus even more on doing my project good for myself, for my supervisor and for the people i will be working with. she may make me feel like shit and all.. but she's not gonna break my spirit for my research. this is facing adversity for me.

today's workout


50kg 5x5r

5-4-3-2-1 reps

handstand push-ups/double-unders.

(this is my plan to start increasing my handstand push-ups and double unders.. will be progressing to starting with 10 reps soon)

nice catch position for the snatch for one of the members of Crossfit SantaCruz. could be an overhead squat he's doing. haha.

P.S. congratulations to my baby who just had her graduation today! postgraduate diploma in psychology! woohooo! hehe. so proud of her. she deserves it after working so hard the whole of last year! hehe. was so happy for her throughout the whole ceremony! hehe. and the least i could do was to be there for her. =)