well.. progress is a word that is often used in different contexts. today in my case, it applies to two parts of my life.. wait.. maybe three. haha. first area of progress for me is from my honours. i finally got back my ethics application and after sending the amendments through, it finally got approved! this means i got the green light to go ahead with testing. time to come in contact with some elite weightlifters! time to busk in the aura of good lifting technique.

the second area of progress is in my training. today i managed to complete 5x5r of a 60kg clean-and-jerk. although i took a break in between each set, it puts me in sort of a good position for attempting a grace (30 60kg clean-and-jerks for time). i also pushed myself to do a slight met-con WOD. now i am trying to up my training intensity to really push myself to attain better fitness.

lastly, i think this is the best news of progress of all. today i got offered to take up the outdoor training group which runs for 7 weeks and two sessions a week. apparently, the pay per hour is alot higher than personal training.. and i think my manager approached me first. so i am really glad because i finally get to be able to really put my own principles into training people and i look forward to really starting. plus i get paid more. hehe.

well.. like baby's korkor said.. everything is falling into place. slowly. =)

today's workout

60kg clean-and-jerk 5x5r

5 rounds for time:

5 handstand pushups

5 pushups

5 ring dips


WOD from 2 days back:

7 rounds for time:

7 Power Snatch 40kg

7 Platform jumps


The reason why i did today's WOD is because of the workout i did 2 days ago. it is quite an interesting rep scheme and with the exercises i chose, i am working my pushing muscles. i need to do one where i can do my pulling muscles. remember.. track ur progress! keeps you motivated and helps you go on!

p.s. i miss my baby. hehe.